Privacy policy

Data controller (13.1.a)

The University of Copenhagen is the data controller and can be contacted at The data responsibility includes the processing of data about you and the purpose and guidelines for what the information is used for.

Contact information for DPO (13.1.b)

The University of Copenhagen has a Data Protection Officer whom you can contact if you have any questions about the processing of data about you. You can contact the Data Protection Officer at

The purpose of the data processing: (13.1.c)

The University of Copenhagen Alumni Association will obtain only the information necessary to manage, deliver targeted information and make a number of web services available to its members. Your civil registration number will only be used to verify whether you are enrolled at or have a degree from the University of Copenhagen. All data is sent between the University's own IT systems, behind firewall and in encrypted form.

Recipients of personal data (13.1.e)

In the event that you, in connection with your membership of the University's Alumni Association, also want to become a member of a local subject-specific or department-specific alumni network, which is housed in the Alumni Association's membership portal, the study, job and contact data registered on your alumni profile will also be available for alumni or university employees, who run the network in question. The University of Copenhagen does not expose your personal data to others than alumni and employees who have an alumni profile on

Deletion time (13.2.a)

By email to, you can, at any time, request that your profile be deleted. Your membership of the University of Copenhagen Alumni Association will then be terminated. All information stored in the Association's membership portal will then be deleted. If you are also a member of one or more of the local alumni networks in the membership portal, these memberships will also be terminated.

Right of access (13.2.b)

You may contact the data controller at any given time to obtain a copy of the data about you that are kept in the University of Copenhagen’s alumni systems.

The right to rectification or deletion or restriction (13.2. b)

As the study and residence data obtained from the University's study administration databases can, for various reasons, be incomplete or inaccurate, you will have the opportunity to correct the data before it is stored and shown on your profile. Here, they will be visible to other members. The same visibility applies to information about your email and current job, which you must enter. Going forward, your name and country of residence will be updated on an ongoing basis via updates from the CPR register.

Once the profile has been created, you will be able to update your alumni profile. You can decide whether you want to enter information about degree programmes you have taken at other educational institutions and information about your career. This is not mandatory information, but it makes your profile more interesting for other alumni and makes it possible for the University of Copenhagen to give you relevant information and services. The education and career information you add to your profile will be visible to other members of the University of Copenhagen Alumni Association who are logged into the portal.

Only your name (both first names and last name) will be shown on the portal's public pages. In this way, people who are not yet members can search and see which of their current or former classmates who have already created a profile. They cannot see your other profile information before they become members.

The right to withdraw consent (13.2.c)

You can delete your profile at any time, in which case your membership of the University's Alumni Association will be terminated. All information stored in the Association's membership portal will then be deleted. If you are also a member of a local alumni association in the Member Portal, your membership of that organisation will also cease.

You can decide whether your address and phone number are shown in the profile, and visibility can be switched on and off in the profile settings.

The profile picture will only be visible in the profile mosaic on the public part of if there is both a profile picture and a profile text. If these elements are removed, the picture will disappear from the public profile mosaic.

You can opt in and out of receiving information about activities and membership benefits in the profile settings and in the newsletter itself.

Where information is obtained from (14.2.f)

When you apply for membership of the University's Alumni Association and possibly of related subject-specific or department-specific alumni networks located on, your status as a current or former student at the University of Copenhagen will be verified in the University's administrative database. This ensures that applicants meet the membership requirements.

Data retrieved from the University’s administrative system includes information about the faculty, completed degrees as well as programme start and end date. Your date of birth and gender information will also be retrieved, but will not be shown in your profile.

The picture from your study or ID card will automatically be transferred to your profile in the Member Portal if you, during your studies or employment, have given permission for the picture to be displayed on the University's websites.

The right to complain to the Data Protection Agency (13.2.d)

You can complain about the processing of data about you to the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) at